The colours of our garden

The colour is the first impression given and one of the main parameters which determines our judgment on the quality of a product. We are aware of this and of the benefits of vegetables as an undisputed source of healthy properties; Alsur has a range of colours taken directly from the most fertile lands.

The freshness and the nature of our products make a difference. Discover the best of each one.

Vegetal morado

Purple products

Grated Beets.

Vegetal rojo

Res products

Pepper salad, Piquillo Pepper, Red Pepper.

Vegetal naranja

Orange products

Baby Carrots, Carrot strips, Carrots, Peaches.

Vegetal amarillo

Yellow products

Baby Sweet Corn, Pineapple, Sweet corn, Sweetcorn kernels.

Vegetal blanco

Green products

Artichokes, Baby french beans, Beans, Capers, Chards, Green asparagus, Green Garlic Sprouts, Mini baby french beans, Natural Fine Beans, Peas, Spinaches, Thin green beans, Thistle, Trigueros Asparagus, Trigueros green asparagus, Wide Green Beans.

Vegetal verde

White products

Baked cauliflower, Beans, Chickpeas, Garlic, Grated Celery, Sliced mushrooms, Sprouted Sprouts, Thistle mushrooms, White asparagus, Whole mushrooms, Whole Palmito, Whole potato.

Vegetal mixto

Mixed products

Baby Peas and Carrots, Chinese salad, Mixed vegetables, Pepper salad, Ratatouille, Vegetable salad, Vegetable stew.

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