Over 25 years offering the best from the land

This family business, where the essence of food is our main character, has been growing for over 25 years and complies with the pillars that support our work every day.

From the conviction of the different properties of vegetables in Alsur we have been firmly committed since our origins to the quality of each of the products we offer.

We defend the flavour, freshness and the nature of the raw materials we harvest and our customers do know it. Therefore, Alsur has managed to expand its production to international markets and to establish itself as one of the first companies in the sector in Spain where, for years, thousands of customers continue to choose Alsur as their trusted brand.

How do we keep the properties
of our products?

In Alsur we care to take the best of each product while keeping the essence that the land gives to us. We know that the secret of the quality of preserved foodstuffs is in the immediate packaging of the fresh products just a few meters from their harvest. Therefore, we use the most advanced methods, thus ensuring an optimum production, selection and conservation.

A part from having a quality raw material internationally recognized, Alsur has the best facilities, as well as an advanced storage and distribution system, which places us among the leading brands in production, quality and hygiene controls and food safety.

From the garden to your table

We work to excel every day so you can enjoy the best vegetables in the simplest way without missing a nuance of its many properties all the year.


We harvest the best vegetables reaped in the fertile lands in the Vega Antequerana, in the heart of Andalusia.


We select them immediately and follow a thorough process of packaging in which the highest quality in each of our products is guaranteed.


The advanced storage systems and efficient order management are other advantages that allow the process to occur in a short period of time so that the customer can enjoy the flavour without missing freshness.

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